We are a soft-RP organisation who enjoy a little effort and depth in a game and like a friendly environment next to a bit of action. The Vanguard Private Military is a private contracting corporation with connections to the UEE, seeking to generate income by providing services to willing buyers under mutually agreed upon contracts. Next to that we aim on being a social-driven community that likes to game with each other and just have a good time without any strings attached.

When did it all start?

We started with a bunch of alhpa testers and formed the org during patch 2.4 when the game was somewhat playabe. We instantly loved the enitre game and filosophy behind what Star Citizen hopes to achieve. Not shortly after the start we formed our idea of how we wanted to run our own show and what we wanted to do, and instantly it became apparent that we felt a need to do the security role in the game. After that we've crossed paths with other amazing players and some felt the same call of duty. Right now we are a thriving group that is constantly growing, but on our own speed and terms. We run a community that takes the time to learn each other.

Why do you guys do it?

We always wanted to focus on security. We have been around since the alpha and most of us have played allot of games. We have seen the terror pirate individuals and organizations can bring. We wanted to provide everyone who has good intent a way to still get the job done without having to worry about their backs. We think of this task as honourable, so we take pride in doing it and expect only the highest standards from ourselves.

How do you run yourselves?

We try to keep regulation to a minimum, and are more of a Opt-In minded group. We don't have a typical system with 1 leader. We have multiple Leaders who are allowed to make decisions on their own and in group form, which allows us to be faster and more dynamic in management. We also don't believe in discrimination trough ranks. Our ranks due uphold different responsibilities, but every memeber is valued by character and actions throughout the entire organization. We run a tight military department that takes a no bullshit approach and we do run our basic training and evaluation trough that department to make sure you are cut from the same wood. Our instructors just run their shows strict to make sure you guys are combat ready as individual and in a group. You will learn a basic set of skills and communication techniques that will help you throughout your career with us at any department. As a member you are free to do whatever you want whenever you want.