History of VanguardPM

The Neglecting of authorities

December 12, 2757 near the Boro system

A group of scouts found out about a large Vanduul war-band hidden in one of the asteroid fields around Boro. Managing to get away while losing a pilot in the process, they informed the local authorities. The local police were confident in their current level of security, not taking note from the group. Soon the group, who still pressed on the emergency of the situation, was ignored. They figured out that they needed help if they were ever to survive, and that it wasn’t going to come from the police.

Pulling on all strings they had the group gathered people from around the system. As a local small group of citizens with old under-geared spaceships, driven by pilots with no real combat experience they had no real footprint when a month had passed. Not being a military institute the local authorities disallowed the group buying the new equipment so they had to rig their civilian ships into fighters themselves.

Death and Rebirth

January 14, 2758 Boro system

At 17:02 one of the group members had recognized that all the local radars where being controlled to cloak a attack. The group was barely trained and far from ready, but still the brave men and women went. One of the leaders argued that they needed to at least warn the local police and United Empire of Earth and while luckily the United Empire of Earth Militia responded quickly to a call for help from another group in the Boro system, one of their leaders contacting the local police was shot dead after exposing a Vanduul spy as the local police general. Then the Vanduul attacked.

Under their guidance of their field commanders and with the help of civilians on site the group effectively helped the other local militia fighting of the Vanduul, and killed a impossible number of the Vanduul ranks considering they where severely out-geared and out-numbered according to United Empire of Earth investigators later on. Almost an hour after the whole event the Vanduul were pushed back by the superior fleet of the United Empire of Earth. The group had suffered severe losses and counted down to only 4 members still alive but saved hundreds of lives in the process and made the public believe that mere civilians could do more than hide. Due to the circumstances surrounding the dead police general most official records won’t recognize this event but the citizens of Boro knew, and called the group the true first responders, The Vanguard. an ancient military rank describing the leading part of an advancing military formation.


March 3, 2762 Boro system

The Vanguard group has been expanding and evolving the last few years. The group started Vanguard Security after the events of the Vanduul attacks back in early 2758. While still not allowed access to Military equipment the newly formed organization thrives, the story of the attack on Boro still inspires new recruits and renouncement each day. The code of honor and the sense of pride this organization carries makes it a security organization with one of the highest standards around.

The 08:00 news in local systems around Boro changed the way every day would look like from then on. Vanguard security finally gained the rights to become a military organization and gain access to military equipment. The organization which already had a modular infrastructure to offer compatible services to the public for every type and scale of demand, simply upgraded their equipment as fast as they could and kept aiming for the same rate of expansion and improving quality and services. Rumors later on linked the story of this development with some sort of help from a mythical association of united organizations, that would have had come into existence later as a response on the story of The painfully short life of Anthony Tanaka, although such accusations were never proved.