The Vanguard Private Military is a private corporation seeking to generate income by providing services to contractors. We seek to create a safe and prosperous vers for all with good intent. We want to earn to being the most known name in security and the most contracted brand throughout the verse.

We stand for equality and order, and we fight for those goals. Nothing will divert us from this this goal and we will arm ourselves against anything that stands in that way, both externally and internally. Our entire staff is always on the look out for troublemakers and bandits and we will enforce these morals throughout the galaxy. Wherever there are people that require our help, we will be there. And we will act.

The organization seeks to provide employment opportunities for UEE civilians for all professions. There is no job we can't do and we expect prosperity trough utilizing every corner Star Citizen has. We don't require you to provide any ships and we won't force you to loan your ships either, we build a economy with the org that enables it to build it's facilities and equipment in order to supply the org internally and with goods on the market.

As a bunch of tech-fans we like to make the experience of our fellow members easier and cooler. We build our own public website and have a application for administration and information sharing. Everything to connect with each other and the game we love. We come from many environments and disciplines, and our knowledge base stretches far. Our capabilities are only as limited as our members can provide each other.